Lacey Brown

About Me

I have over 5 years of experience as a semi-professional photographer, with a focus on making art over profit. 

I approach my photography as a means to capture those unrepeatable moments that make up the fabric of life. With a camera in my hand, I feel tapped into the flow of the world and am often drawn to its "unremarkable" and easily overlooked details. Photography has taken me to major cities, mountainsides, island swamps, and nearly everything in between. It makes me practice the art of patience and reminds me how life-changing a new perspective can be. 

All images in this portfolio are my original work, taken digitally, or on 35mm or 120mm film.  Some are edited, some aren't. 

Exhibitions and Recognition

"Portraits of Self-Isolation"-Photoplace Gallery, VT

"Female Sight" -Praxis Photo Arts Center, MN

"Small Works"-South x Southeast Photo Gallery

Bellamy Mansion Museum Art Show-Honorable Mention

Awarded full scholarship to attend South x Southeast photo workshop in GA. 

Vol. III No. III "Carolina Muse" Literary & Arts Magazine

"What do you like to shoot?"

I generally struggle with this question because the most authentic answer is "whatever catches my eye". But, that's not usually helpful and doesn't really answer the question. If I had to pick preferred subjects, they would be:

  • Travel
  • Street
  • Fine Art
  • Landscape
  • Still Life
  • Stock

Important Print Shop Info

I am limited to 15 active listings in my print shop. If you would like a print of an image not shown in the store, please use the below contact form to let me know. Use the code FREESHIPPING for free shipping on orders over $40. Thanks!

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